Volunteer check-in and out

Volunteer check-in and out

The check-in board lists volunteers alphabetically by their last name. Volunteers can quickly find their names using the sidebar. For example, if a volunteer's name is Richard Purnell they would press , which will jump the board to the Ps, and then swipe up until they reach their name. The obscured email address under a volunteer's name is to ensure that a volunteer can find their own name, if there is another volunteer that shares their name.

Once they have found their name they will press and this will check them in. If they have yet to accept the waiver the waiver acceptance will appear, else volunteer opportunities for that day will appear. Once they are checked in their name will move to the top of the screen and turn blue.

Once a volunteer is ready to check out they would find their name at the top and press to check out. It will ask if they are sure, once they click on ok they are checked out.

Tips on finding volunteers

Volunteers that haven't volunteered in a while - In order to keep the check-in board current, volunteers that have not checked in for more than 12 months are removed from the mainboard and placed in "Archive". To access "archived" volunteers press and the board will display all volunteers in the system.

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