Change in Layout - February 2023

Change in Layout - February 2023

Client scheduling has often leaned towards appointment scheduling. Today's update will make delivery scheduling a larger focus of client scheduling and inline with more furniture banks operations.


Main View

The referral menu changes to New Referrals. It displays referrals that have just been submitted and not yet approved.

Once a referral is approved (and you have delivery switched on) the referral moves into two lists.


Appointment->Ready to be scheduled and Delivery->Ready to be Scheduled.

An appointment and delivery can be scheduled together or separately. 
If a delivery happens without appointment, the appointment will be removed from the Ready to be Scheduled. 

Referrers and Agencies Profiles

Similar to the main view New referrals, Appointments and Delivery have been separated. Over the next month more options will be available to see the progress of a referral.

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